Local Elections

Alderney & Bourne Valley Candidates

Alderney Candidates

Henry Land

Walking my dog across Bourne Valley, in between teaching at a Poole primary school, has given me the opportunity to listen to the visions people have for our ward.

David Stokes

Born and brought up locally, and having attended Poole College, I now work for a local
construction company. I’m a member of Unite the Union and I’m married with three grown up children.

Lisa Weir

I’m a single mother, who has a teenage daughter in a local school. I have worked as a
secondary school teacher across three Poole schools for the past eleven years

“Over the last two years, between us, we have spent
most of our weekends knocking on Alderney and
Bourne Valley doors, listening to the concerns and
aspirations that are important to you. Like you, we
believe that the current council do not listen and do
not act in our interests. Alderney and Bourne Valley
residents need effective representation on the new
council, and with us you can be sure this will

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